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Why rejection doesn't matter

We've all had those approaches. You go over to the girl, say your opening line and she gives you a look of pure disgust, as if you just took a dump on her Grandma's grave. You go home and ponder over it for hours, wondering what you possibly could have done wrong. What could YOU have done differently to stop her rejecting you? But did you ever think that maybe it wasn' [...]

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Do looks matter?

If you understand about how the female mind works, then you'll know that looks aren't everything. But do looks matter at all? As guys, when we see a woman then it's really the looks alone that decides whether we want to sleep with her or not. So does that mean looks matter for us the same as they matter for women? No. With women, it's about much more than just looks [...]

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Converting old numbers into dates

If you've been hitting the streets, the clubs, or Tinder for a while, then chances are, you have a lot of girls numbers in your phone who you just never text. Keeping numbers in your phone of girls that you never speak to is kind of pointless, and it makes it hard to locate girls in your phone book that you do speak to, espeically if you have about 8 different "Emma"s in you [...]

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7 Tips on Getting Girls in College

College gives you a great opportunity to get girls. Getting girls in college is great because all of a sudden it becomes a lot more real and possible. You're usually living away from your parents for the first time and no longer have to worry about their approval or permission. It's a great time to learn all about girls and attraction, as there's also a real abundance [...]

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How to Beat Approach Anxiety

Being afraid of going up and talking to a girl that you don't know is a very common problem. It's not the easiest thing to fix, and it's a major sticking point for a lot of people. To get past it you need to tackle it a bit at a time. Follow all of these steps and you will finally know how to beat approach anxiety! Mindset Anxiety is normal and expected First of all, before [...]

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Never run out of things to say

A lot of guys have a fear of approaching. This can be for a number of reasons, but a big one is not knowing what to say AFTER you've approached. Most guys can get the courage to go up to a girl, but start to worry when they think about what they are going to say after the first sentence. Assumptions Many people make the mistake of asking questions early on in an interaction, [...]

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5 Reasons Why She Flakes

So you can approach a girl, get her number, and get some nice text message exchanges going on. She even seems happy and willing to meet up with you. But for some reason she cancels the date, or she just never turns up. Today I share with you, what I believe to be the top five reasons why she flakes on you.   1. You haven't displayed enough of your personality Thi [...]

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What is attraction?

What is attraction? Why are we, as human beings, attracted to each other? If you think back to the monkey-like creatures we evolved from, then why were they attracted to each other? To mate. And that is exactly why humans are attracted to each other. We are attracted to the humans who seem the most suitable for mating. The purpose of life is to survive. The secondary pur [...]

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