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June 6, 2014

7 Tips on Getting Girls in College

College gives you a great opportunity to get girls.

Getting girls in college is great because all of a sudden it becomes a lot more real and possible.

You’re usually living away from your parents for the first time and no longer have to worry about their approval or permission.

It’s a great time to learn all about girls and attraction, as there’s also a real abundance of hot girls for you to talk to.

Don’t waste the little time that you have at University, it sets the foundation for the rest of your life!

On with the list.


1. Get Involved

Do as much as you can. Join clubs / teams, be at every party / event. Right from the start. Don’t waste time “settling in”. Get yourself out there and start doing stuff straight away. Get yourself known and start making friends.

2. Social Circles

Create lots of different social groups, don’t just have one that you rely on. Introduce people from each of your groups to each other - most people will love a chance to network with new people. Status is everything in College and if you’re a high status guy then the girls will come with no problem.

3. Part-time Work

Getting part-time work is great for a number of reasons. You’ll have extra cash to help fund yourself, but you’ll also create another social circle. Another group of friends that will know and talk about you. A great example is working behind a bar - it’s one of the best part-time jobs you can get while you’re studying. It’s not particularly intensive, and you’ll get to meet all different kinds of people. It’s a social job and it’s going to help with the social lifestyle that you’ll be leading.

4. Be the Organizer

Be the one that’s always organising the parties / events that you’re going to or hosting. But make things interesting. Give parties themes for example. If you’re in University accommodation then house parties are great too. Set up the drinking games and explain how they work to everyone. Become the guy who sorts things out and the guy who knows what’s going on. Become the guy that people go to.

5. Don’t Be the Clown

Be daring, but don’t be the clown that will do anything to get people’s attention. Everyone loves a good prank / dare and you can get some credit if you do something amazing that requires balls, but don’t be doing something disgusting like drinking sick through a straw. You’ll come across as someone who’s just doing it for attention. There’s different types of comedy and you want to be the guy that people laugh with, not at.

6. Set your Standard

Right from the start set your standard. Go for the hottest girls and don’t lower your standards just because you want to get laid. You’re intending to become well known on campus and when you are, everybody will know about your relationships. Getting the hottest girls is easier with a high social status. Don’t have sex with an ugly chick on a drunken night out. Your standards should be high and the girls you’re with should reflect that high standard. If girls know that you’ve been with someone of a much lower standard, then you’ll immediately be less attractive to them. Social proof is everything - it’s great if girls realise that other girls approve of you, but their opinion won’t hold much weight if the girl isn’t a high status one.

7. Don’t Cold Approach

OK so maybe that title is kind of misleading. But if you’re going to cold approach, then approach smart. College is not the time for direct day game approaches. You don’t want to become “that guy” who goes up to women and tries to talk to them. If you’re going to approach, then indirect approaches are key here - everything needs to appear a lot more natural. Like we’ve already mentioned, social status is everything in college. You don’t want to risk ruining that status with a bunch of failed direct approaches. Word will get around - especially if you’re doing this when you’ve already built up significant status. Indirect is generally going to be best, but even with indirect approaches it’s going to be best for the situations to arise spontaneously rather than you just going out specifically to “approach”.