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July 4, 2014

Converting old numbers into dates

If you’ve been hitting the streets, the clubs, or Tinder for a while, then chances are, you have a lot of girls numbers in your phone who you just never text.

Keeping numbers in your phone of girls that you never speak to is kind of pointless, and it makes it hard to locate girls in your phone book that you do speak to, espeically if you have about 8 different “Emma”s in your phone (though you should be giving them all nicknames!).

Time is not your friend with old numbers. You’re meeting new girls, she’s meeting new guys, memories fade.

But don’t get too hasty and just delete them all.

It’s possible that some of them may still be interested so it’s worth sending a feeler text to test the grounds.

A feeler text is something that you send to her that doesn’t necessarily require a response. You’re just “testing the grounds” to see if she’s interested.

Rules of feeler texts:

  • Keep them short (one or two lines)
  • Make sure that they’re fun (nothing worse than a boring text)
  • Get her attention but make sure that you don’t sound needy

Examples of feeler texts (try these, but create your own):

  • “I just met your twin!”
  • “Hey just sorting out my phonebook and realised I have 3 [name]’s, which one are you… the crazy one, the hot one, or the shy one?”
  • “On my way” (makes it look like you text the wrong person, maybe you have a few contacts with the same name…)
  • “OMG just saw the craziest thing that reminded me of you” (easy to tailor a tease specific to her if she replies)

Send your selected contact a feeler text and one of 3 things usually happens:

1. She doesn’t reply. Move on. She’s not interested in you. If you’ve never had any success with her then most likely she gave you her number to be polite. If things were going well now but not before then either you messed up the text interaction, or there’s something going on in her life that’s caused her to change. You’ll have a better idea about which one is true than me so you should be able to make the decision about whether to delete her number or not.

2. She replies a few hours later, or the next day. She needs a bit of work, but it’s worth persuing. She’s at least somewhat interested. Ramp up the attraction and test again before going for a meet up.

3. She replies fairly quickly, within 30 minutes or so. She’s most likely still interested. Push for the date.

Sending these feeler texts is a great way to “test” those old numbers to see if there’s anything in it, but also to filter out those girls who just aren’t into you.

Go test those old numbers!


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