Does she like me?

Does she like you?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a girl actually likes you a not. One day she seems really positive towards you, the next a bit cold and it leaves you thinking - “does she like me?”. However - there are a number of signals that you can pick up on which should make it a bit easier to understand whether she likes you or not.

Signs she likes you

  • She re-initiates conversation when it comes to an end
  • She plays with her hair
  • She mirrors your body language
  • She maintains strong eye contact with you
  • She giggles
  • She asks what your name is
  • You’re walking past each other and she smiles
  • You’re walking past each other and after having some eye contact, she looks down
  • She finds reasons to touch you
  • She puts herself in close proximity to you
  • Her hips / feet are pointed towards you
  • She tries to find common ground with you
  • She sends you 2 text messages in row without you responding
  • She initiates a text message conversation with you
  • She agrees to meet up with you one-on-one

Signs she doesn’t like you

  • She tells you about all her problems
  • She tells you that she wishes she could find someone like you
  • She tells you that you’re sweet
  • She repeatedly turns down your date requests (says she’ll meet you “later”)
  • She repeatedly ignores your text messages / calls
  • She sends you very short text messages (but some girls are just like this)
  • She takes a long time to reply to your messages (but some girls are just like this)

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