Why I don’t want to win the lottery

Do you want to win the lottery?

It’d be nice to have the money to do whatever you want right?

But would that make you happy?

People often say that money can’t buy you happiness.

But I think money can buy you a lot of things that will make you happy.

You could buy that mansion with 20 bedrooms, a pool table, grand piano, swimming pool.
Those things would make me pretty damn happy.

And you’d also have the security of living well (providing that you’re not stupid).
You’d never have to work again.

You could do what you want all day every day.

But would that make you happy?

Would that make you truly happy inside yourself?

Probably not.


Because you won’t feel like you earned that money.

You got lucky.

That’s it.

Compare that to the guy who’s worked hard all his life and fully earned his income and lifestyle.

Which one do you think is more attractive to women?

Truth is, the guy who got lucky hasn’t changed as a person whatsoever.
He still has the same insecurities despite having a great lifestyle.
And the women he has probably only like him for one thing…
Deep down he knows he’s exactly the same person and he didn’t earn any of that.

The guy who worked hard is a completely different person.
He carries himself like a BOSS.
He knows that he full on earned everything in his life.
Don’t think for a second that won’t change the way he carries himself.
He is fully secure with himself and absolutely knows his success is down to himself.

And he feels that.

Looking at the bigger picture… do you really want to get lucky?

If you got offered everything you want on a plate right now.
Money, a mansion, the cars, the private jets.
Would you take them?

Sound stupid to even ask?

But if you did… would you still be motivated to work for your dreams?
Or would you sit around all day knowing that you had everything…

Imagine you’re playing a video game and you use a cheat to get infinite money.
Does the game not suddenly get a bit boring knowing that you can have whatever you want?

Winning the lottery isn’t an accomplishment.
The point of life isn’t to gather as many possessions as possible.

Don’t be so focused on your destination because it’s all about the journey.

So yeah, I passed on that lottery ticket.


I have dreams but I’d rather earn them hard way