What if she’s the one?


Do you really think she’s “the one”?

You saw her walking down the street. She looked incredible. Beautiful face, great body. You can’t take your eyes off her. You want to run over and talk to her but there’s something stopping you. Maybe it’s really busy and there are people all around her. Maybe she just walked into a shop. But then you think - I’ll probably never see her again. What if she would have liked me too? What if we would have been perfect together? What if she was the one?

You may think a similar thing if your girlfriend breaks up with you. You may think that you that she was perfect for you. You’d do anything just to get her back. Because you think that she’s the one.

There’s over 7 billion people on this planet. 7 BILLION.

That is a ridiculously large number.

Males and females are split pretty much 50-50. So that’s 3.5 billion females.

Obviously they won’t all be at the kind of age range you’re looking for so let’s say only 10% of them are.

That’s 350 million.

OK, so you’re not going to find them all attractive are you? Let’s say you only found 10% of those girls (in your age range) attractive.

That’s 35 million. MILLION.

35 million girls on this planet that are in your age range and attractive.

And you’re bothered about a single girl?

The current life expectancy of a male in the US is about 76 years. About 28,000 days.

That means that if you started at the age of 18, you’d have to go through about 1652 attractive girls in your age range every single day to get through them all. And I’m guessing you’re probably not doing that.

You’re not going to run out of attractive girls. At all. Not by a long way. If times are tough and your girlfriend’s just broken up with you then don’t worry. She wasn’t the one. There’s absolutely no such thing as the one. With 35 million attractive girls (in your age range!) doesn’t it sound totally stupid saying that there’s only 1 girl suitable for you?

Having this thought of “the one” and how there’s just one girl for you is not only making life more uncomfortable for yourself, but it also gives you an attitude that repulses girls. Neediness is a huge turn off. If she at any point thinks that you need her, then it will turn her away. If you constantly think that there’s a limited amount of girls then you’re putting all the power in her hands and all of a sudden you need her. If instead you understand that there’s an endless supply of girls then all of a sudden you don’t need her and you’re more attractive.

It doesn’t matter if you mess up with any number of girls. There will always be more girls. It really doesn’t matter. If a girl rejects you then so what? On to the next one.

You won’t run out.

I promise you.

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