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September 2, 2013

What is attraction?

What is attraction? Why are we, as human beings, attracted to each other? If you think back to the monkey-like creatures we evolved from, then why were they attracted to each other? To mate. And that is exactly why humans are attracted to each other. We are attracted to the humans who seem the most suitable for mating.

The purpose of life is to survive. The secondary purpose of life is to reproduce – so the species can survive.

It’s about natural selection. In the modern age that we live in there are so many chances to meet women that natural selection doesn’t really happen any more. We don’t live and mate with only certain groups, like in our monkey days where only the alpha male (naturally selected) got to mate with the opposite sex. This is good, as it means you don’t have to be as attractive to get a woman. Think about it. You could go out and get an unattractive woman if you really wanted to. There are so many women that you have a choice. But you want attractive women, right? Attraction still works the same way as it did when we were all monkeys, women are attracted to the humans that are most likely to keep the species alive. The idea of “natural selection” is still very important. It is important for you to know that women will find themselves attracted to you if they think you have good reproduction values (keeping the species alive) and good survival values (keeping yourself, her and your potential children alive).

When she sub-consciously notices that you have these values, she will find herself attracted to you. Attraction is not a choice.